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Why arts ministry: a brief introduction


Traditional spiritual disciplines for the Christian life include scripture meditation, prayer, fasting, and solitude. Through these kinds of practices, we can open ourselves to experiencing God’s presence and learning wisdom from God. For many people, looking at God’s creation in nature also supplies beauty and metaphor that reveal God’s creative goodness and point to the story of salvation.

At Glorify Performing Arts, we endeavor to interact skillfully with aspects of God’s creation, making art as another way of growing in faith and understanding. God created the human body and its physical capacities; God created space, time, colors, textures, and shapes. Artists delight in engaging with these elements and more, combining them in different ways to create choreography, costumes, and sets through which we tell stories, express emotions, reach out to God, and receive God.

Over the next month, I’ll be sharing conversations with several company artists where they discuss their perspectives on why dance is a powerful practice for Christian faith and ministry. I hope that reading their reflections offers you new pathways for experiencing God through art–and perhaps it will even inspire you to create some art of your own!

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