At Glorify Performing Arts, we are passionate about developing excellent art that brings glory to Jesus and draws people closer to God.  Our members are people who share that vision and are excited to hop alongside in financial support. 

Your donation does make a difference in our organization.  80% of our 2022-2023 operating budget was covered by donations from individuals.  That means, the costumes we put on stage, the show programs we hand to the audience, and the rehearsal studio space we rent are all made possible, in part, because of the generosity of the donors to Glorify Performing Arts. 

ANY Donation Can Qualify You As A Member

When you make a donation of any amount to Glorify Performing Arts, YOU qualify to become a member at GPA for one year from the date of your gift. We believe donors from all income levels deserve the thanks for their support.

After donating, you will receive a thank-you email with a link to fill our our membership form. Once you’ve filled that out, you’ll officially be a GPA Member!

Membership Perks

  1. Acknowledgement of support in GPA Publications
  2. Virtual studio tour
  3. 10% Discount on all GPA merch at events
  4. Exclusive GPA Member E-News
  5. Invitation to observe 2 rehearsals during the season 

Become a Member Today!


  1. Make an annual donation of any amount then fill out the membership form linked in your donation thank-you email.
  2. Set up a monthly recurring donation of any amount then fill out the membership form linked in your donation thank-you email.

All one-time donations will make you a member for one year to the date of your donation; give annually to continue your membership.  Recurring donations qualify you as a member until you stop your monthly gift.

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