Preparatory Company

Preparatory Company

Glorify Dance Theatre – Preparatory Company is a pre-professional training company for dancers ages 11-17 who are looking to advance their ballet performance and technique skills in a Christian environment.  As they prepare for their performances during the year, students will have the opportunity to train with GPA’s highly qualified dance educators who are passionate about excellence in ballet and faith in Jesus.

preparatory company (prepco) information

On Sundays from 1pm-4pm, our PrepCo has a weekly company ballet class, Progressing Ballet Technique mini-class, and rehearsal.  This format is a small scale of how our professional company rehearses has each week, preparing the PrepCo dancers for what a job as a dancer would be like.  Closer to performances, tech/dress rehearsals are held at other times, depending on the performance.  Sunday Company Class/Rehearsals are held at Time To Leap.

Please Note: GDT PrepCo does not replace technique classes dancers already take.  It is designed as a performance company.  Dancers are expected to continue training at their ballet schools throughout the year.

During our 2020-2021 season, the PrepCo:

  • Was part of Glorify Dance Theatre’s initiative, Project Joy!  Each week during rehearsal, they worked on 3 dances that were filmed in outdoor locations around West Chester to bring hope and encouragement to our community.
  • They also presented one of their dances at the beginning of the Fall Glorify Dance Theatre outdoor performance of Taistella.
  • In the spring, our dancers will be performing as part of our Spring Gala.

For more details regarding specific rehearsal/performance dates, tuition fees, or any other company information, please contact:

Audition Information

At this time, we are not holding an in-studio audition for GDT PrepCo and we are only accepting video auditions. Students attending our Summer Intensive who wish to join the Preparatory Company next season should notify us and we will use their attendance at the intensive as an audition in lieu of submitting a video.  Please email for more information.

For the dancer’s video, please demonstrate basic barre work (pliés, tendus, dégagé, rond de jambe, frappé, and grand battement) showing just one side for each combo.  In the center, please demonstrate adagio, petit allegro, and grand allegro combinations.  Finally, include a performance of ballet or contemporary ballet choreography.  (If it is a group piece, clearly indicate which dancer is the auditionee.) 

While it is preferred that the video is filmed in a traditional studio, we can be flexible if it is necessary to film part/all of the video in your kitchen/living room/backyard etc. If, due to the current circumstances, the dancer is unable to put together a video with the above requirements, please contact us to determine other possibilities.   

To audition, fill out this form, then securely pay the $10 audition fee through the GiveLively link below.

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