School Outreach Programming

School Outreach Programming

Glorify Dance Theatre is excited to be launching programming for schools during the 2022-2023 school year.  Our professional company is available to come to your school and perform an abbreviated length ballet for your students.  Check out our performance options for students pre-school age through high school.

Research continues to show the importance of arts education, and through the programming Glorify Dance Theatre has to offer, students will not only be engaging with the arts but will also be connecting their faith to the arts.

Heurisko | The Parable of the Lost Sheep

Designed for students from pre-school through elementary school, this 15 minute ballet tells the story of the lost sheep from Matthew 18.  Alongside the ballet performance, we offer programming for students to personally engage with the ballet, facilitating their understanding of both the art form of dance, and the truths within the scriptures the story is based on.

Click the link below to fill out an interest form for having GDT come perform Heurisko at your school!

Casefile: Euangelion

Middle and High School students will enjoy this spy themed ballet that follows two agents as they attempt to smuggle Bibles to a girl who lives in a country where she does not have access to the Word of God.  This ballet will prompt students to understand the importance of reading scripture and the ease of access we have to engage with the Word of God.

Click the link below to fill out an interest form for having GDT come perform Casefile: Euangelion at your school!

Performances for Fall 2022 are fully booked! There are still available dates for Spring 2023.

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