2023-2024 Season  >  Taistella

Main Stage Production - Taistella

Dates TBA





Originally presented in an outdoor theatre in the fall of 2020, we are excited to be bringing Taistella back to the stage! Using a fairy tale like story, Taistella reminds us that when we know God’s Word, we’re equipped for any battle, because we can cling to the knowledge that God fights for us.

Taistella transports audiences back, once upon a time, to the far away village of Kaupunki.  Here, the villagers happily go about their daily life until one day, two fiends, Rosvo and Konna, swoop in and steal whatever they can get their hands on.  Having no way to defend themselves, the villagers relinquish their things.  One villager, Luja, does not give up so easily, and after praying for help, encounters a stranger who teaches her how to fight.  Though it is not easy, Luja learns the importance of training and how being equipped can give power to stand strong against the enemy.

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