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Why arts ministry: a conversation with Naomi Si


Naomi Si is a Corps de Ballet dancer with Glorify Dance Theatre. You may have seen her in the role of “Bible Smuggler” in GPA’s recent production of Casefile: Euangelion, or as the lost sheep in our short ballet Heurisko. Naomi brings her graceful movement and sweet personality to every rehearsal and performance. Join me for a conversation where Naomi shares some of her reflections on the power of dance to help people experience God.


Kaya: How did you first get into dance?


Naomi: I first got into dance at the age of 7. I started at a local ballet studio where my two older sisters were dancing. 


Kaya: When did you decide to stick with it and pursue it seriously? 


Naomi: For about a year during middle school, I stopped dancing at my local studio, and when I returned is when I decided to stick with it. 

Within the first few weeks of returning to my ballet studio, my teacher invited me to be a part of the Advanced class. This promotion as well as dancing with the most advanced dancers prompted my focus.


Kaya: How have you experienced God through dancing or watching dance? 


Naomi: I have experienced God through dancing and through watching other company members, particularly in Walk This Road and Alive in Us. I specifically recall watching “Via Dolorosa,” a dance in Walk This Road. One of the lyrics of the song says, “But He chose to walk this road out of His love for you and me,” and I remember feeling very humbled for all that Jesus suffered for me. The choreography and overall essence of that dance expressed very powerful emotions.


Kaya: What other forms of ministry or missions have you ever been involved with?


Naomi: I was involved in a ministry called Lighthouse Family Retreat, an organization that helps families walking through childhood cancer. My family also participated in a mission’s trip for a day to help rebuild a house that had been damaged by a hurricane. I have also volunteered for my church’s nursery. 


Kaya: What felt powerful or effective about those experiences? 


Naomi: Through all of those experiences, I had the privilege of helping families in their time of need.


Kaya: What do you believe makes dance a powerful medium for expressing your faith?


Naomi: I often find it hard to verbally express my faith, so dance is a good way to express my faith in God without using words. 


Kaya: What does dance accomplish that distinguishes it from other forms of ministry? 


Naomi: Audience members can interpret the movements and the emotions of the dance to something that can relate to themselves.


Kaya: Has any of your teachers, directors, or peers been particularly inspiring or instructive in shaping you as a Christian artist?


Naomi: When I have watched other dancers in the company, I have felt inspired. I see how they do a certain movement or emotion, and I put that practice into my own artistry.


Kaya: How would you describe your particular vocation as a Christian artist or an artist within Glorify Performing Arts? What brought you to this point in your dance career? 


Naomi: Dancing with GPA is my way of sharing my passion for dance and my love for Christ with others. I had watched as well as performed in some of Melody’s productions prior to the debut of GPA. I was inspired by her desire to empower Christians in their faith through the use of the arts.


Kaya: What do you uniquely bring to this company to help point audiences to Jesus through our work? 


Naomi: Like each dancer with GPA, I bring my gift and love for dance to the company so we can all work together as one body to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


You can learn more about Naomi’s dance experience by reading her bio.

Stay tuned for more company artists’ perspectives on why the arts are an effective medium for ministering and growing in Christian faith as the series continues next week!

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