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An Update from the Artistic Director

By: Melody Mendoza

Matthew 9:17 says: “Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” In the fall of 2021, when Kaya Weaver joined Glorify Performing Arts, she was creating an entirely new role at GPA. Her depth of theological knowledge filled this company like new wine. As she developed her position as our Biblical Research and Ministry Specialist, this company was stretched in our spiritual walk akin to new wine filling a new wineskin. 


When Kaya and I met up in August of that year to talk about her position as our Biblical Research & Ministry Specialist, I could see she had so much to share with our community. We talked and as I listened to her, it was clear God had gifted her with a heart for learning and knowledge and sharing that learning and knowledge with those around her. 


Sitting outside at a coffee shop in West Chester, we chatted about how we would incorporate theology into our rehearsals as well as with our community. It was from there that Word in the Wings was born. Kaya’s heart to connect the Bible with art was inspiring and I was excited to develop this outlet for her to share her knowledge.


Three years later, Word in the Wings has enjoyed submissions from guest writers, interviews with dancers and board members, deep theological studies, and more. Kaya cultivated a place where the work at GPA gained new depth and grew deeper roots in the Lord.


She wrapped up her last month here in May and will be pursuing a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies at Georgetown University, where she hopes to research how Christian and Jewish traditions have historically used language and practices around the body and movement to develop understanding of God.


The foundation she laid for ministry at GPA is solid, and because of that, we are excited to invite Jessica Noonan into a position as our Ministry & Worship Leader. No two people are alike, and so you might notice some small changes to Word in the Wings during this next season. We believe God has gifted Jessica in ways that are unique to her and we want to take the foundation that Kaya diligently and prayerfully created, and equip Jessica to pour her gifts into creating the next layer!


Over the summer Jessica as well as two guest authors will be diving into the theology of how the Holy Spirit is using the fine and performing arts like new wine to encourage the people of God.

The arts have been both used and shunned in the church for centuries. While artists have created incredible works for the glory of God, there has been a vast sway in the secular arts away from our Creator God, causing many believers to view creative works of art as something that may draw people away from His heart.  However, despite this, we believe God, in His redemptive power, is doing a NEW thing through the work at Glorify Performing Arts. As we fix our eyes on our CREATOR and create for the Lord’s glory, we have seen how He is touching hearts and souls through the medium of the arts in transformative ways. 


So what does this mean for us, the audience? How can we as Christians, open our hearts like a new wineskin that does not crack or break as we engage with the creative arts, but instead choose to grow and age alongside the wine? I invite you to engage with Word in the Wings this summer as we dive deeper into this topic!


I am so grateful for Kaya who launched Word in the Wings, and Jessica who is stepping up to continue sharing theological connections to the work at Glorify Performing Arts. Keep our website bookmarked (or an open tab) and come back every other Thursday this summer to spend time growing in your walk with Christ through this branch of our ministry.

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