A Candy Cane Christmas

A Candy Cane Christmas

December 8, 2023 - December 17, 2023

Thank you for joining us for A Candy Cane Christmas! The video is towards the bottom of this page for you to watch and enjoy until midnight on December 17th.

This virtual event has many ways for you to interact with it:

1. Watch the ballet. The performance will run around 30 minutes. Open 2023 Candy Cane Christmas Program to see the digital program with a director’s note, casting information, and more. The ticket you purchased allows you to stream this ballet whenever you want until December 17th, so watch it yourself, or invite some friends over and do a watch party!

2. Learn some ballet! After the production, keep watching to learn a special Candy Cane dance. Artistic Director, Melody Stanert, and 4 of our Company Artists teach and demonstrate a dance for you to learn and perform at home. If you want to film yourself dancing and upload it to either Facebook or Instagram, make sure you tag @glorifyperformingarts so we can watch (and maybe even share!) your performance.

Here is the audio for performing: 


3. Print out or scroll through A Candy Cane Christmas Activity & Reflection Guide by our Biblical Research and Ministry Specialist, Kaya Weaver, which is full of theological connections between A Candy Cane Christmas, and the Word of God. She includes reflections and activities that are designed for all ages and provide a deeper way to understand the story of the ballet

The video is best viewed on a computer. If watching on a mobile device, click the pop-out button on the top right to play. (If the video is not working, please click here and try playing it directly from Google Drive. If that doesn’t work – please contact us!)

00:00 Introduction with Melody & Kaya 

04:35 The Ballet
04:56 Meet Princess Adelle
06:46 Getting the Gifts
10:04 Locked Out
11:10 Traveling to the Castle
13:12 Inside the Palace
14:50 Gift of Ribbons
16:20 Gift of a Tambourine
17:47 Gift of Korean Fans
20:02 Gift of a Music Box
20:51 Gift of Bracelets
22:29 Gift of Candy Canes!
26:05 All Are Welcome, Finale

28:02 Learn A Dance

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