Career and Volunteer Opportunities

Glorify Performing Arts is newly launching and has lots of opportunities for you to get involved!  Many of these roles need to be filled ASAP, so look through the list below and contact us today!


As we begin our first Promo Year (what we’ve dubbed the time it takes our company to get off the ground and become fully operational) many of our jobs will be volunteer based or pay a small stipend.  It is our goal to have these roles expand into official part or full time jobs as we grow.

Please look through our list of opportunities below and click on a job title for more information.  To apply for a position please send your Resumé and Cover Letter to Melody Stanert at  Volunteer opportunities not detailed below include ushers, marketing assistants, a volunteer coordinator and more, so if you want to get involved please let us know! For information about auditioning for Glorify Dance Theatre, head to our Auditions page.
[NOTE: A * next to a job title indicates we’re looking to fill the role immediately, a + indicates we’re looking to fill the role in the near future.]

Available Roles at glorify performing arts:

To develop into a strong organization we are looking to bring in staff/volunteers who are excited about our company and feel passionate about what we’ve dubbed our Foundational Four: Vision, Mission Statement, Business Philosophy and Core Values.

  • Vision: To be a leading Christian-based arts entertainment company of the highest quality.
  • Mission Statement: The mission of Glorify Performing Arts is to present professional and compelling performances that entertain, edify, and educate audiences on Christian beliefs and social justice issues.
  • Business Philosophy: We have been called by Christ to be servants. Whether we are performing a solo on stage, or answering phones in the office, it is important that we work with humility and a servant’s heart, offering our best effort in everything we do.
  • Core Values:

    • High Quality Art. Creation is the first thing the Bible describes God doing and follows each element of His creation with the statement that what He created was good. We are created in God’s image, therefore our art should be held to the highest standard.
    • Human Emotion. God designed us with emotions and feelings, and as we journey through life it is important to understand our emotions and know how to maneuver through them with the Lord’s wisdom, valuing the unique journey of each person.
    • Time. Our time on earth is fleeting and it is our responsibility to make the most of the gift of life given to us by God. It is important our company be well organized and efficient, not wasting peoples’ time, instead using it wisely to maximize our impact for the kingdom of God.