Glorify Dance Theatre is casting 8 dancers ages 18+ for our 2018-2019 season.*  This season will act as a promotional year as the company is launching and thus will have many opportunities for performances in local churches and schools as well as a one-act original ballet in the spring.

We are looking for classically trained dancers in ballet; females should be comfortable dancing sur le pointes, males should be skilled in partnering. Dancers should also have a background in jazz and modern (with tap ability a plus).

Dancers will have rehearsals on Thursdays from 9am-1pm from September through Mid-December and from February through May and will be paid a stipend of $100 per month totaling in $800 for the 32-week season of rehearsals and performances. It is our goal to cast dancers who are interested in growing with the company; each year we hope to expand the size of our company as well as increase the stipend of the performers, ultimately offering full time contracts.

Our audition process begins with a video submission (requirements listed below); once received, we will inform you one of three possibilities. Either we will accept you into the company from the video, we’ll ask you to attend an in person audition, or we will send our regrets.

To develop a unified company we are looking to bring in dancers who are not only technically excellent, but also feel passionate about what we’ve dubbed our Foundational Four: Vision, Mission Statement, Business Philosophy and Core Values.  If cast in GDT, part of your contract would include an agreement that you will uphold the Foundational Four.

  • Vision: To be a leading Christian-based arts entertainment company of the highest quality.
  • Mission Statement: The mission of Glorify Performing Arts is to present professional and compelling performances that entertain, edify, and educate audiences on Christian beliefs and social justice issues.
  • Business Philosophy: We have been called by Christ to be servants. Whether we are performing a solo on stage, or answering phones in the office, it is important that we work with humility and a servant’s heart, offering our best effort in everything we do.
  • Core Values: High Quality Art. Creation is the first thing the Bible describes God doing and follows each element of His creation with the statement that what He created was good. We are created in God’s image, therefore our art should be held to the highest standard. | Human Emotion. God designed us with emotions and feelings, and as we journey through life it is important to understand our emotions and know how to maneuver through them with the Lord’s wisdom, valuing the unique journey of each person. | Time. Our time on earth is fleeting and it is our responsibility to make the most of the gift of life given to us by God. It is important our company be well organized and efficient, not wasting peoples’ time, instead using it wisely to maximize our impact for the kingdom of God.

To Audition:

Email with ”gDT Audition” in the subject line.
in the body of the email Please include:
-your full name,
-email address
-phone number
-attach your performance/work resume and headshot/full body Dance shot to the email.
Also be sure to include the link to your audition video.

Audition applications are open Now-May 25th 2018.

Instructions for video submission:
  1. Please begin with a short introduction, include your name, where you are from, and how you believe dance connects to your faith in Jesus.
  2. Share a video of your performance of your favorite piece of choreography; it should be either classical or contemporary ballet. If you do not have a video recording of a performance, rehearsal footage is fine. Please make sure we are able to know which dancer you are if it is a group piece.
  3. In the studio, film a demonstration of a grand allegro combo that you love.
  4. If there is anything else you want to share, place it at the end of the video.
  5. Post your video on an online platform (YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.).
If you are having trouble creating a video, don’t let that stop you auditioning! Please contact us to help work it out.


*We will occasionally have roles in our shows for younger dancers, so if you or your child are an aspiring dancer under the age of 18, please continue to check this page as we will post audition information for those opportunities as they arise.

Questions? Contact Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer Melody Stanert: