Welcome to Glorify Performing Arts!

Glorify Performing Arts (GPA) is a start-up professional Christian performing arts company in West Chester, PA. When fully operational, GPA will produce dance and theatre productions intended to strengthen Christians in their values and allow people of other faiths to explore the beliefs of Christianity in a non-threatening environment. It will also include a pre-professional arts education department for students wanting to train to an advanced level while understanding how to integrate their faith into their art form.

Now is the time to get excited! GPA will provide family friendly live entertainment for an enjoyable (and affordable) evening out.  Whether you are a professional performer looking to work in your field or you are someone who enjoys the experience of live performances, YOU are integral to the success of Glorify Performing Arts.

audition information for glorify dance theatre is available now! click here to learn more.

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Phase One: Dance Theatre | Estimated launch, September 2018
Phase Two
: Theatrical Productions | Estimated launch, September 2022
Phase Three: Education Department | Estimated launch, September 2030

Questions? Email: info (at) glorifyperformingarts (dot) org